Why use an automatic text summarization tool for digital content?

As we know, automatic text summarization means the process of shortening a text computationally. Using an automatic text summarization tool, you can create a summary that contains the most relevant parts of your original content. 

Obviously, language is not only about computation. The most difficult thing to do is to create a tool that is “smart”, i.e. it can understand not only grammar but also the semantics of a text. Human being can write in many ways, they have different words and syntax to mean the same concept. Nowadays, we can rely on Natural Language Processing techniques to enhance computer understanding. Consequently, many different automatic text summarization tools are being born.

In this article, we will understand what the benefits are of using them, with particular attention to their use in creating digital content.


Benefits of using an automatic text summarization tool

In Data Science world, specialists are talking more and more about techniques to analyze text, this field, as already mentioned, is called Natural Language Processing. The summarization process, one of the goals that can be achieved, is extremely useful and, compared to other targets (for instance, the real creation of natural language), not so impossible to carry out.

Which are the main benefits of using an automatic process to summarize text? In 2014, the data scientist and researcher Juan Manuel Torres Moreno wrote a book about this, called “Automatic Text summarization”. The books provide six good reasons to start using such a tool. 

Three of these reasons are related to the basic idea of summary:

  1. reduce reading time
  2. make the information selection process easier
  3. make the indexing process more effective 

But there is more than that, connected with the idea of introducing automation! 

Automatic summarization is better than human one, indeed, for three particular reasons:

  1. Algorithms can even be less biased than human summarizers.
  2. They enable the use of automatic question-answering systems (let’s think at chatbots!)
  3. They enable to produce more and more texts in a more efficient way!


Digital Content: we are surrounded by this!

But is it just a matter of new techniques? As in any field, in addition to understanding how to carry out an activity, it is more important how to use that activity in your context. 

The focal point is that we live in a digital world and we are, indeed, continuously receiving new goads: televisions, smartphones, blogs, social networks, advertising… we are surrounded by both traditional and digital content. Digital has the characteristics to play lion’s share more and more, to be honest.

If you talk to a Digital Marketing Manager, who works in medium or large company, he is likely struggling to create original digital content day by day and – on top of that – you, as company, not only have to be original but also effective, direct and, using a quite brutal expression, short.


How does PaperLit use an automatic text summarization tool?

PaperLit, tech company of Datrix Group, is extremely conscious of the importance of producing good and targeted digital content and it decides to create text-summarize, a tool to be used in any of its product and platform. 

Let’s go through them.

  • Automatic Text Summarization in MobiLit: MobilLit is a full-stack digital publishing software, that helps brands and publishers to distribute their publications on mobile apps. If you have an effective way to summarize text, you do not need to work two or three times. Once wrote the article, you have instantly all all the excerpt that you need!
  • Automatic Text Summarization in VoiceLit: VoiceLit allows marketers to create their own voice app and engage their audience through smart speakers. Voice technologies can really become the must-have of advertising! But, even more so in this case, you need to be effective, using a short list of right words. 

A tool of text summarization helps PaperLit in choosing just a subset of suitable words for its customers!

  • Automatic Text Summarization in DataLit.AI: using DataLit.AI, publishers and bloggers can turn readers’ data in hyper-profiled audiences, enabling audience monetization. In this context, the use of a smart text summarization tool is another value-added service that PaperLit can offer to its customers.


Automatic Text Summarization tool: the impact on business performances 

If you read this far, you have probably understood that the reasons to use of an automatic text summarization tool in a business context are extremely more numerous than you could image. Nowadays, if any company is a media company, the production of traditional and (more and more) digital content is a crucial process. This process can be very slow and ineffective, slowing down the marketing activities.

Let’s conclude this article highlighting three ways in which, step by step, start using a text summarization tool can positively impact on your business performances: 

  • Efficiency and effectiveness: excerpt, abstracts, introductions for different channels (e.g. mobile, desktop, brochure, social network) … digital content production is not just a matter of good ideas and good quality. It is also a matter of time since a single text should be replicate in different ways and different lengthiness. Through an automatic text summarization tool, you can – for instance – decide to what extent you would like to reduce your content. This simple operation can strongly enhance your digital content production ability!
  • Brand reputation and better communication strategy: what do better digital content mean? Soon said, it means to build a better image of your brand. Firstly, customers have the sensation of knowing better the company and, consequently, your loyalty rate would increase. Secondly, prospects could be easily reached by your content and they will be curious to try your products or services. In a sentence, to produce the right content in the right format enrich your ability to communicate with your customers and prospects.
  • New advertising channels: if you better manage your digital content production, you can also be more motivated to try different channels. For example, you can decide to invest in new channels, as voice advertising, gaining competitive advantage over your competitors!



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